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How can you avoid work-from-home burnout?

Over the past twelve months, Covid has changed how we work. Jobs that once found themselves rooted in office life are now strictly running a work-from-home situation. Working from the comfort of your home has its benefits. You can roll out of bed and onto your laptop minutes before your day begins. You have no commute. You have unlimited snacking options. Despite the perks of working from home, the rumblings have begun to reach the surface. The fear has become work-from-home induced burnout. How can you avoid it?

  • Utilize Video Conferencing / Instant Messaging Platforms For Face-To-Face Interaction:
    Over the past year, Zoom went from being a program that might have been used once-in-awhile to becoming an everyday necessity for employees working from home. While some fear the dreaded “Zoom fatigue," Pew Research reported in December 2020 that, “teleworkers are relying heavily on video conferencing services to keep in touch with co-workers, and there’s no evidence of widespread Zoom fatigue.” One of the more popular platforms used by our customers is Microsoft Teams.
  • Turn Your Commute Time Into Prep Time:
    Driving to and from work can be a cathartic time for some people. Whether you find yourself listening to podcasts, music or just the sounds of the road, the time between home and work is very important to allow that work and home separation. When working from home, clearly you lose that separation. Try to wake up and work out before taking a seat at in your designated office area. If that is not your thing, you can always try reading a few pages in a book to get your brain warmed up. Worst case scenario, fire up the music and treat your morning exactly like you would if you were in the car. Do whatever it takes to gain that work balance.
  • Maintain Perspective:
    As Forbes points out, it is always important to maintain perspective – especially in times like these. “Why are we doing all this? Let's not forget that the restrictions are crucial measures to prevent the spread of a serious disease,” Astrid Pocklington points out. Working from home is you doing a small part. Can it be tough? Sure. Will it get better? At some point, yes. Maintaining perspective is always important, especially in a time like this.


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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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