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People, Process & Procedures

Three Ps

Do you know what it takes to master security in the business world? We believe it’s the “Three P’s” also known as your people, your processes, and your procedures! Here are a few facts for you to consider:

  • Human error results in 95% of all cybersecurity attacks. (People)
  • Every 14 seconds ransomware infects a business computer. (Processes)
  • 43% of all attacks directly target small businesses. (Procedures)

Cybersecurity should be top priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To safeguard yourself against a data breach, you need an IT team to help guide you through the increasing threat environment. At Info Advantage, we understand that in order for cybersecurity to be effective, aside from the statistics above, you also need to be aware of some key elements from each of the Three P’s: 

People: Employees can represent one of your business’s greatest cybersecurity risks. Conducting regular training sessions throughout the year is a great way to keep employees aware of potential scams and ways that they can affect your business. Training programs can also go a long way towards creating a strong culture of cybersecurity within your organization. Well informed employees are an asset and form a terrific line of cybersecurity defense – think of them like a human firewall!

Processes: A series of strategies that allow you to proactively respond to cybersecurity incidents are imperative. They also help minimize the chance of a cybersecurity incident occurring in the first place! Do you have a healthy cybersecurity posture with the right policies in place, reoccurring trainings, and a set of standard behaviors to support every area of the business that uses technology? It’s critical to have a proven process and series of actions to follow so you can achieve specific security goals.

Procedures: How is your IT team approaching its cybersecurity strategy? Procedures should focus on the technology tools that can be automated to facilitate rapid detection and mitigation of threats. Your IT should be aligned with your business goals and have one system for analyzing and acting on threats and prioritizing your assets. The established way of efficiently doing daily operations should be aligned around the best use of your technology – and it starts with having the right-sized solutions in place.

If you have one major takeaway, let it be that it’s not enough to cover just one element. A business security strategy needs to have best practice when it comes to people, process, and procedures. If your business has mastered cybersecurity, then awesome. If not, are you ready to learn more about how we can assist you in these areas? Contact us today to make sure your business is protected.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

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