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What Do Core Values Mean To Us?

Back in April, we introduced you to our Core Values. As we continue to grow as a company, our team continues to grow within these core values. While we have broken down these core values before, what better way to dive deeper into these values than to ask our own team members what these values mean to them?

Passion: “When I think about Passion & Info Advantage, I think about the work we do as an organization and the clients we do the work for.  At all times, we strive to provide our clients with expert guidance, based upon best business practices, while also building valuable relationships.  In everything we do, we give our best so we all can achieve our best.” – Matt Christensen, Manager of Technical Services

Nimble: “Being able to stay current with the latest technologies. Ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, and the skill of working on a single task but being aware of what is going on with other co-workers in your environment and being able to break away from your task to assist.” – Todd Glick, Senior Systems Engineer

Relentless Perseverance: “No matter what the issue is, our team at IA always looks for a solution. We never stop until a solution is found that supports and helps our clients be productive. We are relentless on making sure our clients are productive no matter the time or day!” – Tim Coffey, Systems Engineer

Teamwork: “Teamwork at Info Advantage is about being dedicated, driven and selfless. We are motivated to help each other succeed. Our team is incredibly flexible and tenacious when it comes to working an issue, whether it be the tenth time we have seen this type of issue or the first time for all of us.” – Shawn Ridgway, Helpdesk / Network Technician

Human: “Fulfilling the human part of the core values is the best part about working at Info Advantage. Whether it comes to looking out for a fellow team member in need or just lightening the mood on a tough day, I absolutely enjoy the ability to help everyone at the office. Not to mention, it never hurts to have a good laugh when you’re at the office!” – Ryan Wolfe, Helpdesk / Network Technician

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Monday, August 02, 2021

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