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The Power of Threat Hunting

Threat MTR

When is the last time you thought about your level of vulnerability to cyber threats?

Cyber threat hunting is an active search through your networks, endpoints, and databases to hunt malicious or risky activities that have dodged detection by your existing tools. Proactive cyber threat hunting tactics have evolved to use new threat intelligence on previously collected data to categorize potential threats in advance of attacks and that’s something everyone should be thinking about.


In the VMware GlobMTR Reportal Threat Report, which interviewed over 3,000 IT leaders from 13 different countries, it found that 80% of internal IT teams are starting to formalize their processes and that trends are moving in the right direction for the industry overall. People now understand its importance. It’s easy to understand it once you’ve been breached – but we suggest not waiting for that to happen.

Having a good a security posture starts with gaining information. Info Advantage is able to tailor a security strategy paired with Sophos comprehensive threat analytics to help gain full visibility into your environment. Once our experienced technicians assess the capabilities your network requires, we implement the best solution.

Browse this Example Managed Threat Response (MTR) Monthly Report to see the threat data we focus on and how comprehensive it is. You deserve to know what’s happening in your business.


It’s also important to understand many businesses can’t afford to believe that their security system is impenetrable. You must remain vigilant for the next threat rather than sit back and wait for threats to strike. Could your organization benefit from improved cybersecurity protection? Are you ready to get a trusted, long-term solution in place? Contact us today to learn more.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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