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The Rise of Security Threats

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One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs.

IT security is no longer about simply buying and installing the right firewall or antivirus software for your business, cybersecurity is now a constantly evolving necessity. In today’s business environment, your cybersecurity posture needs to be taken very seriously. Info Advantage can help with that.

Business of all sizes are now being targeted by cybercriminals, with smaller businesses becoming a more frequent target. Why is that? Unfortunately, small businesses are usually easier to break, and the payoff for the hacker is still worth the effort.

Is your cybersecurity protection where it needs to be?

These cybersecurity facts will further help you understand the recent increase and importance:

  • The yearly cost of cybercrime is over $600 billion.
  • Of all attacks, 43% directly target small businesses.
  • Human error results in 95% of all cybersecurity attacks.
  • Every 14 seconds ransomware infects a business computer.

At Info Advantage, we help businesses meet and exceed industry compliances. We’re committed to guarding your data, your staff, your customers, and we do so through 24/7 managed IT security.

Instead of just focusing on antivirus and firewall software, we focus on all aspects of IT security, including: Enterprise-Level Security, 24/7 Network Security, Unified Threat Management, Endpoint Security, Mobile Device Management, Email Encryption, Spam Protection, Compliance, Penetration Testing, and Multi-Factor Authentication. In fact, our iaGuardianSecure technology solution offers the ultimate package. With the massive rise in targeted phishing attacks, and the increase in connected endpoints across every network, don’t leave your cybersecurity to chance. Hackers will find you.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

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