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Microsoft Exchange Security Vulnerability

Microsoft recently dropped a bombshell – four zero-day bugs were discovered in “early” January.

What does this mean for everyone else? A giant security vulnerability.

According to a recent article on ZDNet, “approximately 30,000 organizations in the United States have been attacked so far. Bloomberg estimates put this figure closer to 60,000, as of March 8. Palo Alto Networks suggests there are at least 125,000 unpatched servers worldwide.”

In a nutshell, Microsoft says that “attackers secure access to an Exchange Server either through these bugs or stolen credentials and they can then create a web shell to hijack the system and execute commands remotely." As of March 12, Microsoft has estimated that “at least 82,000 servers remain unpatched."

New cumulative updates are being rolled out by Microsoft, which are being created to help patch up any remaining vulnerabilities.

We at Info Advantage are on top of this devastating vulnerability. Thanks to tireless work from our network engineers, we have been able to patch multiple systems for companies we support. With that being said, we want to make you aware that we are here for you!

If you believe that your Microsoft Exchange server might have been compromised or is in need of patching, please do not hesitate to reach out and give us a call at 585-458-4636.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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