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Why Data Backup Has Become Critical


Is there such thing as a, “Pandemic Anniversary?” If so, this month marks a year since COVID-19 was publicly reported across the U.S. and the way we worked changed forever. Hackers are on the rise and businesses are experiencing challenges, both remote or in the office, more than ever before – and that’s where data backup comes into play. Simply put, it’s a copy of all your important information that is taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.  

Advances in modern technology have only added to the ways in which data loses can occur, which include hard drive failures, human error, physical disasters, physical theft, and ransomware attacks. Having a data backup system in place is proven to provide you with an immediate sense of relief.

Consider these statistics as evidence of how valuable a data backup system is:

At Info Advantage we pride ourselves on customizing all our backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to fit your organizations needs based on your RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives). These two components are the most important items for us to understand about your technologies, and business operations. We will work directly with you and your team to determine the best solutions across a variety of industry tried and true options to accomplish your objective of protecting your business. Whether your requirements are onsite, designing a secondary location or leveraging the cloud, we can help!

If the statistics above weren’t enough evidence that a data backup system is a worthwhile investment for your business remind yourself of the benefit in having confidence in your safety despite the rise of malicious threats. We believe that if your company doesn’t have a data backup solution, then you need one. You deserve a smart and affordable way to protect your data; we make it simple and effective too!

You can click here to learn more about our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, or schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll give you trusted data backup advice with absolutely zero obligation.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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