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Overview of iaGuardianUC


We know in order to adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape we have to allow our managed IT service offering to mature and evolve. We realize the days where simply ensuring that your computers were working properly are far behind us. Your business requires technology that drives productivity, encourages collaboration, and is both easily accessible and immaculately secure. That’s why we established the iaGuardian Suite. It’s made to enhance, support, and protect your business.

It offers fully managed, cloud-based efficiency, security, and protection. iaGuardianUC is the Unified Communication (UC) arm of the suite and provides comprehensive communication tools that are designed to be scalable and flexible - allowing it to meet any of the hybrid work model needs.

Too often, business owners find themselves in situations where their phone systems can’t scale without incurring large upfront costs, making it difficult to upgrade or expand their hardware. Such barriers slow down progress and leave organizations limping along until the work is paid for and completed.

Modern VoIP solutions give you the flexibility to scale as you need without the massive upfront costs. Adding users is done through the software, and phones can be deployed as software on a computer or as an app on a mobile device, along with traditional desktop-based handsets. Key features include:

Unified Communications: Leading solutions that offer real-time integration across your entire business, allowing you to optimize business processes and enhance the human communication.

VoIP/Hosted PBX: A cost-effective, flexible, and fully featured solution that offers enterprise-level telecommunications to businesses looking to get the most out of their in-house phone system. All the features of a solid enterprise-class VoIP system, while eliminating the geographic boundaries.

Boomea: Ever had to work remotely and the only convenient way to talk to your team would be to call them? Now, you can simply open the Boomea application to chat with your co-workers. With the seamless, easy-to-use ability to send photos, videos, and any other file type, you can feel confident that you’ll be prepared in any situation. 

SIP Trunking: Solutions that scale based on your users, not your usage; allowing you to get unlimited inbound and outbound calls and save money when compared to your traditional phone bills.

On top of all that, IaGuardianUC delivers cutting-edge telecommunication capabilities. As an authorized agent for over 400 carriers across the United State, the Info Advantage team has worked with numerous telecommunication solutions to meet clients’ needs. We know what works.

Most importantly, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team can manage your telecommunication systems and handle upgrades and software patches, as well as phone support as you and your team need it. Contact us to learn more about how we can enhance your communications.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

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